(Benz) tet 25" M. Dor. (To The Limit X Tet. Ruffled Perfection)
Of all the beautiful yellows from Tet. RUFFLED PERFECTION, CANARY YELLOW CORVETTE has been my absolute favorite from day one. Praised by every visitor to the garden and hailed by Frank Smith as the finest lemon yellow he had ever seenčand no wonder, Best blooms on this brilliant true canary yellow measure a full 7" across with 4" wide petals that are simply engulfed in ruffles, frills and lace. Color is similar to the brilliant yellow color on a new Corvettečthus the name. Heavy and flat, with beautiful symmetrical form and pollen that will set pods on a fence post, this magnificent cultivar has been my most used yellow parent ever. As a parent CANARY YELLOW CORVETTE has exceeded all my expectations, and nearly every yellow selection in the 2008 seedling crop had CANARY YELLOW CORVETTE as the pollen parent. Makes large beautiful fans which require no winter mulch and suffer very little damage in even the most severe winters.  Scapes are straight and strong, and can have 2 lateral branches and a bud-count of 20. Like most evergreens, branching and bud-count will probably soar in the south, as pod-parent TO THE LIMIT has wonderful branching and many of the CANARY YELLOW CORVETTE dormant seedling have great branching as well. The best of its 2009 sdlgs sets a new standard for yellow tetraploids and is the finest yellow we've seen; both flower and total plant. CANARY YELLOW CORVETTE exudes a wonderful rose-like fragrance and is fertile both ways; but pods are difficult.  $250.00 SOLD OUT