Robert Faulkner Daylilies

Thank you for taking time to view a few of my select 2007 flowers. All but three bloomed for the first time this year. Leo-(short for Leonardo Di Vinci garden name) bloomed a couple years ago, but this is his coming out party. The two tets whose names are pending are new to the public, but actually bloomed a few years ago.
My goal is to produce the most beautiful patterned daylilies anywhere. My first crosses were made in 1995 and I keep my breeding program to a max of approximately 2000 seedlings per year.
The interesting thing about these patterns is that the colors are not heat related. This was a wierd weather year, some of these were blooming after night times of upper 50's. Bi-tones, bi-colors and reverse bi-tones are other goals of mine. We had little rain and cool temps, I believe some of the petals and sepals will be fuller in more agreeable weather.
I started with dips, but am beginning to venture into the tet. arena--the future looks promising.
Since these are new, and none are for sale yet, I hope you will enjoy viewing them and in a few years I should be able to offer the best ones to the public.
If you have further questions, you can email me at

Bob Faulkner

Note: I wish to extend a Special Thanks to Kim McCutcheon for her loving attention to detail in her help on this page.

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