E108-01:  (La Dolce Vita X Gillian)
5 to 6 way branching    30+ buds    28 inch flower    M    6 inch flower    SEv

Cabot Cove and its yet to be released siblings have been the cornerstone of Eric's edged and eyed program.  
The plum colored eye is distinctive not only because of how deeply into the throat that it protrudes
but also for the fact that it is layered. The petal is a blend of flesh colors.  Cabot Cove owes much of its form to
La Dolce Vita and color to Gillian.  In clump form in 2008
we witnessed scapes with up to 7 way branching that also had prolifs.  
Cabot Cove has beautiful candelabra branching once established.
$ 125.00 s.f