R58-01:  ((Aesop's Fables x Candy Dwyer) X Mahdi)
4 to 5 way branching    20 to 25 buds    32-inch  height    M    Rebloom   6 ½ flower    SEv

Well, it looks like the blind squirrel found a nut!  For those of you who are not aware this was my response to
Steve whenever he flipped out over one of my daylilies.  In time I became known as the blind squirrel at the garden.
A truly striking deep red Dante's Inferno is a continuation of my quest toward developing sun fast daylilies.  
It has a narrow gold and white filigree edge on the ruffled petals and sepals.  
The yellow to green coloration in the throat carries over onto the sepals.
 Dante's Inferno has a narrow white midrib that terminates just past the eyezone.  
It has very good plant habit in respect to foliage and scape to plant ratio.  
Pod fertility moderate but very pollen fertile.
$ 125.00 s.f.