S95-155:  (Old King Cole X ((Flying Carpet x Cotopaxi) x Ida's Magic))   
4 way plus terminal    25 buds    28-inch height    M    5 ½ flower    D fertile

Once again two of our best friends, Sandy and Mike Holmes, save the day.  
A number of years ago a seedling of Steve's headed south to their garden.
 And time went on.  A while ago I received a call from Mike and was informed that many people were inquiring
about this seedling and thought it should be introduced.
It is therefore with great pleasure that we introduce you to Evening Eye Shadow.  
This variety is best described as a medium to deep maroon depending on the evening temperatures.  
It is a bitone whose sepals vary from medium to deep pink also depending on the evening temps.  
The medium pink eyezone of Evening Eye Shadow only adds to the sultry,
after five look of this daylily.  Plant habit is commendable and Mike describes the branching as being tree-like.  
Evening Eye Shadow is still being used in the Holmes program (known as sgl.155) and is reported to be
very fertile both ways, even on difficult converted material.
 $ 100.00   s.f.