Larry and Cindy

Dear Daylily Friends,
Looking back over the past 30 years it's been quite a fun ride. I have always compared blooming seedlings is like having Christmas two months of the year. After visiting Mrs. Robbie Bush my first daylily garden, I saw all these different colored blooms, in my mind I never remembered but two colors yellow & orange. So what really set the hook in me were the edges on daylilies. Some names I remember are Queen Cape, Shinto Edging, Wedding Band and Ida's Magic. I drove 12 hours round trip for 2 blooms of Ida's Magic when I first began to hybridize. Then 12 years ago I ran across 3 color changers and the hook was set a little deeper. I have never had so much fun working with daylilies. The challenge with color changers was the pool of genetics was too small. Matthew Kaskel shared something with me many years ago, that you could push anything out of a daylily in three generations and he was right. I started crossing non color changers with my color changers and by the third generation most everything changed colors and this gave me the different lines I was looking for. Some have asked me where do I think color changers will go from here. So this is what I see in the next few years as the big edges and even teeth daylilies are mixed with color changers you will see things never seen in the daylily world. It's going to be quite a sight. For our 2020 Introductions we have six diploids and one tetraploid. This is the best and largest group to date. If you are looking for something different or just want to add to your hybridizing program there's no wrong choice in this group. First come first serve, no exceptions, our numbers of introductions are limited. I enjoy talking color changers with other growers so if you have any questions call me anytime on my cell phone 334-685-2165 I'm not much on email :) Have a great 2020 bloom season, Larry Grace

Future Tet. Introduction

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Larry and Cindy Grace, Graceland Gardens