( Grace, L 2013 ) 839-11 ( Hooked On You x Alan Lane Agin ) 5 3/4" 26",Semi Ev Fr EM 2-3 Lats 20+ buds

I help Jamie Gossard increase a few of his important daylilies. I was so pleased with growing his new introduction, Hooked On You, that over the Christmas holidays I picked up the phone, gave Jamie a call, and purchased a double fan of it. MEET YOUR DESTINY is one of several introductions coming out of Hooked On You. MEET YOUR DESTINY is quick to establish and with the shooting up of 3+ scapes, it makes for an extra long bloom season. MEET YOUR DESTINY is a light rose pink and has teeth from the first bloom to the last, it holds up well in the full sun and is a true semi evergreen.

Fertile both ways!

$125.00 S.F.