The Heart Of Christmas


J.Carpenter/M.Holmes- Grace Conversion Sdlg. TK2, Texas Kaildescope Seedling Converted Diploid, Mid 5.75", 10-15 buds, 22 H, 3 Way Branching.

Canary Bird Song is a soft canary yellow with a blended pattern eye zone and a bicolored picotee edge. Six years ago, myself and Mike Holmes were at Pleasant Valley Daylily Farms in Dayton Oh and noticed several diploids, TK1 and TK2, that were intriguing. During discussion with Tom Polston, he said they were Carpenter seedlings purchased by Bob Faulkner from Jack Carpenter. Bob had bought a dozen or so Carpenter seedlings and he had three survivors that were Northern hardy. These two daylilies at Tom's were two of the three daylilies that had survived in Bob's garden. Subsequently Bob had then given the diploids to Tom for his diploid program. After more discussion, Mike purchased the daylilies from Tom. Mike later sent the daylilies to me to convert to tetraploid. After several yearly attempts to convert, TK2 was converted. If you like yellow patterned daylilies, Canary Bird Song is a good breeder. This years introduction, Stormy Seas is a kid from Canary Bird Song. Canary Bird Song is rare example of a type of registration where the Tet. conversion is registered instead of the Diploid. I don't know of another example. The daylily is very limited and will be shipped from my garden this spring.

Fertile both ways!