Bomar/Grace Conversion

Most people like big and huge flowers rather they be diploid or tetraploid. T.M.C.O fits the bill holding it's 9" blooms a good way through the scape, all though the Tet seems to hold the size longer. I have never tried to hybridize for large flowers, guess i just stumbled into them accidentally but accidentally or not it sure has been a lot of fun. I would like to share the reason for why the high cost of the conversions. I have a partner with " T. MY CUP OVERFLOWS" we gave about $1500 for the diploid plants, then it was to grow and increase the plants before we could began to do the treatment. After the process of treatment begins then your in for a four month daily baby sitting job, and at times we have a high death rate of plants lost during this process, plus the cost of colchicine. But it is well worth it just for the new genetics.

Pollen Fertile