Wild Dreams


(Grace,Grace Conversion 2012 ) Tet 30-5 ( Unknown x Seedling )

WILD DREAMS is a result of my goal achieved in my second time around episode. I started out a new adventure hybridizing diploids to create flowers worthy to convert.
WILD DREAMS certainly has hit the mark. Pedigrees are very important to me, so Im going to share with you what I know about the "unknown" in WILD DREAMS. I bought a diploid from Elizabeth Salter and lost the name tag, and the "seedling "was a Carpenter diploid and I crossed the two of them. I've converted 40+ daylilies and WILD DREAMS has the best branched dream scapes that I've ever treated. It is a light clean yellow cream self with a exploding unique pattern and a deep burgundy etching encasing the pattern, with a deep green throat. I'll see my first seedlings from TETRA WILD DREAMS this coming spring. We truly hope you will enjoy WILD DREAMS as much as we have, and good things come to you.