UMBRELLAS OF CHERBOURG M. 36 to 40 in. S.Ev. to D. 5 ½ to 6 in.

25 to 30 buds, 4 branches and terminal
Sdlg. S112-99: (Age Of Aquarius X Ed Brown)
Being very particular to the point of obsession with clear color my new Umbrellas Of Cherbourg is a daylily whose colors I only dared to dream of existing heretofore in the hemerocallis. No amount of words that I could conjure up could possibly describe the colors and exquisite blending of them found here. When making this cross I had high hopes of success but hadn’t an inkling of how far the powers of nature would take it. One of my favorite of nature’s creations. All I did was fix the deck, so to speak, and select the parents. We hope our catalog image, taken by Stacy Swain, will give you an idea what to expect in your garden. Most would call this a lavender daylily and it does perceive to have that very cooling effect in the summer landscape. Umbrellas Of Cherbourg is actually a complicated blending of many colors, shades and tones. According to the RHS color chart the closest overall color we could find is rose purple, RHS 75D, but that’s only the beginning! The clear base color of light rosy purple is further blended with pink and touches of creamy mauve with light shades of champagne and oyster shell cream yellow emanating from a great lime green to yellow throat in the form of a brushed on watermark. The end result is a magnificent blending of colors only nature could create. Umbrellas Of Cherbourg looks grand as it slightly changes and mellows its tones remaining fresh, cool and fascinating until days end. This is one of those “Oh Wow!!” daylilies when seen in person on established clumps. Its plant habit and growth characteristics are excellent as is its scape presentation. Extremely fertile either way without any “props”. It has been used in excess in our current breeding endeavors. Stock is scarce. It has not sent up rebloom here yet but it should do so when grown in Dayton, Ohio or points further south.  $ 150.00