LILITH FAIR (Woodhall) E. 30 to 34 in. S. Ev. To D. Re. 6 to 6 ½ in.

30 to 35 buds, 3 to 4 way branching plus terminal
Sdlg. W97-234: ((Black Eyes x Svengali) x Tet. Witches Thimble) X Lightning Ridge)
In Roy’s exploitation of the genes found in his infamous Lightning Ridge this “way out” cross produced the mesmerizing Lilith Fair. In early Semitic folklore or Jewish mythology, it was a female demon or vampire. The name Lilith Fair fits this variety quite well. Lying behind this large, lilting, feminine blossom edged deeper pink, lies the genes for blossoms with dark purple eyes and edges to those with orange and red eyes and edges. How’s that for an analogy? This tall and stately beauty has been used in breeding a lot, especially for pink edges on various colors. Due to its informal lily-like form it has been crossed with narrow as well as full forms with good success. As a garden plant Lilith Fair stands tall and stately with wide lateral branches developing into a well-balanced clump. It looks best on an established planting which is a given for most northern bred varieties. Due to its unusual lineage it is producing exciting offspring in new color and pattern combinations. The large, heavy, pale pink blossoms, edged and eyed in a deeper more rose pink shade, dance liltingly on these special scapes. Loves to grow in the sun making strong, vigorous, and easy to grow plants that re-establish quickly after moving. Very fertile both ways even in full sun. This fair she-devil will surely cast its spell on you!  $ 100.00