PARALLAX VIEW ML. 36 in. D. Re., 6 to 6 ½ in.

20 to 25 buds, 3 branches plus terminal
Sdlg. MMLF-1: (Mandarin Moon X London Fog)
This rather narrow, lilting Chinese yellow, RHS 20A, daylily varies considerably in form from blossom to blossom easily fitting into the UFO class of daylilies. Further, it presents a “pirouette en pointe” movement in many of its blossom. It will often have two petals held up over the center of the flower like in outstretched arms placed overhead. Quite novel among daylily forms that I have observed. This very lovely, strikingly shaded yellow approaches but does not meet standards of the spider class but does resemble them. To view an established clump is fascinating for each day the blossoms are quite different and unique from each other during its complete bloom cycle. Quite entertaining as well! A division forms a nice clump in three years in this garden and is especially attractive. PARALLAX VIEW is quite fertile both ways but is selective as to what it will set seed with. It has been used to cross with lavenders, pinks and purple varieties as well as the obvious due to its Mandarin Moon heritage: [(Inca Torch x Silk And Honey) X (Mary Moldovan x induced: (Kwan Yin x Catherine Woodbury))]. Pedigree is everything we think. Rather exciting! $ Sold Out