RAMSGATE M. 36 in. S. Ev. Re. 6 to 6 ½ in.

35 buds average, 4 branches plus terminal cluster
Sdlg. S072-97: (Ed Brown X (Salem Witch x Camel Caravan))
This new and dynamic medium to light purple involves unusual and exciting breeding lines through our Camel Caravan, which evolved from the following outcross ((Bittersweet Holiday (Kirchoff), orange blend x Yuma (Whatley), laced gold) X Queen’s Cape (Munson), purple from his lines). We had the intuition that this would be a good parent and since it is sinfully fertile we have already seen hundreds of its offspring. Many of these exhibited the lace fangs, teeth and spines protruding, which is so in vogue today. Based on its fore bearers, Ramsgate will be a useful breeding tool for both full-formed or UFO classes. Also many of the seedlings from it produce offspring taller than the norm. Ramsgate, named after a seaside resort in England, has been a favorite here since its initial bloom. The color of this bright medium purple becons, no shouts from across the garden because of its unrivaled color. According to the RHS color chart the nearest color is RHS 77C, violet purple blended with gray and a touch of cream. Ramsgate is very bright and vibrant during the morning hours. As the hours unfurl the ivory watermark above the strong green throat whitens and the base coloration frosts beautifully in full sun, also bringing out its white, lacey picotee edge. Ramsgate looks especially well exposed to sun and heat unlike most in this class. We have used this variety excessively with other purple lines in an attempt to especially capture this desirable trait. This newcomer has good vigor developing healthy foliage and good increase. The tall, widely branched scapes look quite attractive in clump form with only a few blossoms opening each day prolonging the bloom sequence. Already an exceptional parent yielding a high percentage of exciting, cold hardy offspring in many color classes with both ruffled or gaudy edges. Very fertile both ways.
$ 150.00