ON THE AVENUE E. 40 in. D. Re., 6 inch

35 buds, 4 wide branches plus terminal cluster
Sdlg. S61-96: (Scottish Fantasy X Chance Encounter)
Although our photos don’t do it justice, On The Avenue is certainly one of the finest tall, strong pinks, Azalea pink, RHS 38A, in our garden. It makes a stunning landscape specimen in the middle or back of the perennial border as well as being a beautiful, beguiling individual blossom to view up close as most of us “hemaholics” do! No need to use plant supports for this beauty for it has never fallen down during the six seasons we’ve tested it in our fields and garden plantings. Unlike many of Chance Encounter seedlings evaluated here, crystal clear pink On The Avenue has exceptional candelabra branching beginning above the healthy foliage. The heavy, waxen-finished blossoms of flat form hold very well in full sun and heat looking crisp and fresh even in the evening twilight. An easy to use parent either way in our open fields. Many of its offspring are exciting and ornately edged. $ 150.00