MAJOR GENERAL E. M. 34 to 36 in. D. to S. Ev. 5 ½ to 6 in.

25 buds, 3 branches plus terminal cluster
Sdlg. S359-96: [Shaka Zulu X (Silver Ice x Foxes Lair sib.) x British Sterling)]
Certainly the clearest traditionally bred new purple daylily that we have grown or seen. The color of this clean red-purple blend is nearest RHS 185A, Chrysanthemum Crimson on the color chart known in daylily circles as purple. Whatever the terminology, a wonderful shade for the garden. When our fellow purple aficionado, Curt Hanson, saw this seedling during its maiden bloom he singled it out as the clearest purple he had seen. The form is circular and the piecrust ruffling adds depth to this satin textured phenomenon. Holds its color quite well in full sun gradually lightening a few shades by evening bringing out the deeper purple color blended around the flat throat and ruffled darker edge. It still retains a good bit of the very green throat it sports in the morning hours. Its scape and branching are exceptional as are its garden habits. Major General is a good grower, requiring some time after it is transplanted in order to flaunt its many merits. Very fertile both ways and is producing even clearer shades among its offspring. One of our most beautiful and refined new purple daylilies! $ 150.00