MUTTON JADE L. 38 to 40 in. S. Ev. Re., 5 to 5 ½ in.

25 to 35 buds, 4 branches plus terminal cluster,
Sdlg. 96-106: (Something Wonderful X Secret Place: (Flying Carpet x Tetra Siloam Virginia Henson) X Ida’s Magic))
A rather impressive new Northern bred addition to the so called “near white” class. In a daylily garden devoid of Shasta daisy, David Phlox and the like, Mutton Jade would count as white on a hot day. Actually it is a waxen finished ivory-cream sometimes blushed pale cream-yellow and pale pink after being exposed to sun. On very hot, sunny days Mutton Jade becomes a very pale ivory with the ruffled yellow edge changing to a glittering gold yellow by evening. Named after the rare, semi-precious stone form of Jadeite known as White or Mutton Jade. This is the kind of daylily that glistens and glows during the summer sun and heat looking ravishing in the evening garden. We have used this very pod and pollen fertile variety heavily due to its great plant and scape habits as well as for its late bloom period with surprising success. Its no surprise at all when one considers the genotype of its pollen parents stemming from our dormant Flying Carpet and Tetra Siloam Virginia Henson as well as from Ida’s Magic. Some of our clearest new grayed-purples, grayed-lavenders and violet lavenders came from Mutton Jade. Not fast to increase. Blooming heavily makes it a good permanent garden subject that needs less dividing than the norm. In addition, it forms a plant with rich, blue-gray color in spring and stays green to seasons end. Our best “white” candidate! $ 125.00