CAMEO GLASS EM. 26 to 28 in. D. 4 ½ to 5 in.

25 buds, 3 branches plus terminal cluster when established Sdlg. 97-304: (Masonís Mark X Tetra Janice Brown)
Flaunting the very Victorian colors of Honeysuckle, R.H.S. 159C, blushed pink with a complimentary
yet contrasting eye zone closest to Indian Pink, R.H.S. 18 D. Cameo Glass is a thoroughly charming, pearlaceous blossom held high above the foliage on strong, widely branched scapes in ideal proportion to the fine, healthy foliage. I recall admiring it a lot during its maiden bloom as one of the most refined in this genre. As an established plant it showed its exceptional branching, foliage and plant habit. Great garden presence! In this day of super sizing food and drink and wanting bigger autos, houses etc., a smaller blossom often gets passed over by many. We find Cameo Glass to be a quietly refined, unusually beautiful garden gem as well as a most useful breeding tool to cross with the modern fray of eyed or watermarked candidates available from the Deep South. Like its namesake, the richer pink eyezone looks to be superimposed over the base color of creamy olive yellow, blushed pink. The striking greenish to olive yellow throat compliments this unique, eyed blend. Easily fertile both ways and already a parent of our forthcoming, very ruffled, red eyed Pirates Of Penzance. $100.00