THEIVING MAGPIE M.L. 32 in. S.Ev. Re. 5 ½ to 6 in.

30 buds average, 4 branches and terminal
Sdlg. S418-96: [(82-55: (Rahotep x Wicked Witch) x Fred Ham) x Ninja Knight)] X Imperial Wizard)
Thieving Magpie is the second of our new purples that emphasizes clear color and takes it to new heights. Major General is lighter and redder than Thieving Magpie, which is much darker and more plum purple. Both are significant improvements in color clarity. It is the contrast between the more violet shade than the oxblood red, RHS 183, flower color and the much lighter pinkish burgundy watermark that catches ones attention when viewing this rather late blooming cultivar. Such a sharp color contrast! Thieving Magpie was named after an opera composed by Gioacchino Rossini. It is particularly exciting since it does not develop any of the brown tones that surface in many of today’s purple colored varieties after a cold night nor does it show those tones as many of the newer, fancy edged, toothed edged, etc. varieties do that we have seen here. Color is the key to Thieving Magpie’s magnetism. These stout, substantially branched scapes are produced from plants that remain a good dark green color until freezing temperatures arrive. Thieving Magpie always makes a statement in the garden whether you are viewing an established clump or focusing in on the clear coloration of this beautifully formed, heavily substanced, nicely ruffled blossom. It clamors for one’s attention. Easily fertile either way this Northern hardy daylily is important to use with many of the very beautiful Southern bred, lacey edged, tooth, shark teeth, spiny, chicken fat varieties that breeders have developed as today’s modern varieties. $ 150.00