TAE KWAN DO M. 36 to 42 in. D. Re. 5 ½ to 6 in.

30 to 35 buds, 4 way branching plus terminal
Sdlg. 96-634: (Atlanta Rufflette X (Mandarin Moon x Anastasia)), also the pod parent of Sparkling Champagne, Tiffany Jewels and Trevi Fountain.
Our most distinctive new yellow! We wish we had a better photo but it wasn’t meant to be. This very fine lemon yellow, RHS 13A, is edged in Indian Yellow, RHS 17, a yellow orange color. TAE KWON DO is especially striking when viewed through a background of sun during a sun drenched afternoon or evening. The tall, strong and widely branched scapes produce these blossoms evenly throughout the clump without crowding during its bloom period on an established planting. Remember, most dormant daylilies require a longer period to establish once moved than the semi-evergreen or evergreen varieties. This is a fact of culture that needs to be put in print more often. Temptress Moon is a very special, taller daylily. For years one of my goals has been to develop an orange or red edged yellow daylily without an eyezone and TAE KWON DO is our finest example thus far. Its scape, plant and blooming habit is of the very finest caliber that we have seen in our northern garden. This beauty has been used for further breeding a great deal in various directions to intensify the edge color, even expanding it while still keeping the hardiness, durability and quality found here. Possesses handsome green foliage all season long and the blossoms defy sun and heat changing little at days end. Fortunately it is quite fertile either way in our mostly full sun fields.
$ 100.00