AGNES MARY DOWDELL  E. 28 to 30 in.  D. 6 in.                                                   
  20 plus buds, 3 branches plus terminal cluster
  SDLG. 349-97A: (London Fog X  Lemon Zinger)

Except for a diploid spider seedling seen at Jamie Gossard's garden, this variety gives the greenest effect of any daylily we have encountered.  Our kind and good hearted neighbor to
whom we owed several favors selected this bright lemon-yellow, overcast green seedling to be named for his Irish born grandmother Agnes Mary Dowdell.  This smooth and heavily substanced lemon yellow with a large green throat shaded lime-green, especially in the morning hours, always catches the attention of garden visitors as the greenest yellow seen.  Its flaunting form, heavy waxen finish and garden presentation are impeccable.  Its scapes are strong and sturdy holding the lightly fragrant blossoms well above the attractive blue-green foliage that remains so until cold temperatures arrive turning the foliage  bright yellow.  When freezing temperatures appear the foliage dies to the ground.  Like most hard dormant varieties `Agnes Mary' requires establishment in order to perform at its maximum capacity.  Not rapid to increase but develops large, healthy, strong plants. It will set seed well with certain pollens while with others it will not.  The pollen itself is quite fertile.  Agnes Mary Dowdell retains much of its green color throughout the day in full sun.  Striking!  $125.00