CELESTE AIDA  M  26 to 28 in.  S Ev. Re. 6-61/2 in.                                               
 20 plus buds, 3 to 4 branches plus terminal
 SDLG. S190-97:(Lady Khan X Emperor's Nightingale)

A particularly lovely, clear colored new bitone with Magnolia Purple petals, according to the Royal Horticulture Colour Chart and  paler, more pink sepals.  Celeste Aida has become one of my personal favorites over the years of growing and testing it here.  Adding  great distinction is a unique petal texture.  The blossom surface has a pebbled, third dimentional face which plays against a series of raised, textured veins originating from the throat area  to the petal edges. Celeste Aida is somewhat of a rarity among the fray of todays ultra-ruffled, edged cultivars because  of its clear near spectrum colors and cool creamy yellow throat and green center.  A showy cream to yellow ruffled picotee edge surrounds these heavily substanced, beautifully ruffled and pleated blossoms.  This edge enhances its bitone coloration.  These large, flatly formed flowers frost and get prettier as daylight plays on their pebbled surface.  Celeste Aida grows into a very fine, robust plant and produces a widely branched scape above the excellent foliage.  It is fertile both ways and is generating large and fancy edged offspring in a number of color classes.  $150.00