CHANGING OF THE GARDE (Tony Slanec)  E. M. 34 in. D. 5 ½ - 6 in.                
 20 buds, 3 branches plus terminal
SDLG. T48-97A:(96-2: (Bowl Of Cherries x Ida's Magic) X Divine Comedy))

Selected by Steve Moldovan for the hybridizer.  Developed by Tony Slanec while he was working at the garden to learn more about daylilies while receiving on-the-job training for one of his college courses for Ohio State University. To my best recollection Tony never saw this selection.  It has proven itself worthy throughout its propagating and growing period.  This liltingly formed, light pink sepaled bitone/bicolor has bright burgandy-rose petals bordered light pink.  The petals also display a paler rose-pink watermark and a light yellow picotee edge.  This first selection from this neophyte breeder is reminiscent of my earlier release Avante Garde, but with more modern ruffled form.  This is however, not releated to that earlier selection.  Rather slowly growing into a tall, stately clump, this was a standout during the 2005 season. We were unable to set seed on Changing Of The Garde during this past year, but then we did not get around to trying until the over 90 degree temperatures arrived, so we can't share its fertility with you. We did get a few seed from its pollen.  Recently married and pursuing a career as a landscape architect, Tony is presently traveling around the globe for his occupation.  We hope someday the lure of the daylily will lead him back to the fold, so to speak, for he certainly has inherent talent for selecting and breeding them.  Excitingly, Changing Of The Garde has enough evergreen blood in its lineage to perform well even in the deep south but it has never been tested their so we can only assume so and we all know what that can mean!  We have a limited supply.   $150.00