WONDERFUL WIZARD M.L. 30 to 32 in. D. Re.  6-61/2 in.                                  
 20 plus buds, 3 to 4 branches and terminal
 SDLG. S352-97: (Nostradamus X Ed Brown)

Not that many years ago we considered Nostradamus the largest, widest petalled daylily we had developed!  Move over Nostradamus, you have become dethroned. Wonderful Wizard is not only wider petalled, more ruffled and more refined it is held on a much taller, nicely branched strong scape.  This wonderfully heavy, waxen finished pinkish melon, heavily washed and edged in gold possesses an air of distinction unique to this class in general.  Other than becoming more mellow and taking on orange tones  the color defies the sun and heat of a summer day.  This special dormant variety is quite fertile both ways and develops  full pods containing many seed per capsule.  Wonderful Wizard is producing fine offspring in several color classes yet has yielded nothing of significance for new purple lines I attempted to create.  Guess I'm not in charge of this `breeding thing' after all, as if  I wasn't aware of this years ago!!!  $150.00