COURAGE TO CHANGE M. 34 to 36 in. D. 5 - 5 ½ in.                                             
 20 plus buds, 4 branched plus terminal
 SDLG. S494-97: (94-53: (Old King Cole x Friar's Lantern) X Mason's Mark)

While viewing the blossoms of this daylily in the garden imagine yourself looking through an old fashioned  kalidescope for that is the effect of seeing the many patterns found in COURAGE TO CHANGE.  An exciting and pleasantly changeable new variety that is peerless!  The base color of these round, wide petalled, medium sized blossoms according to the R. H.S. Colour Chart is pale lilac purple.  Its coloration pales along the petal edge beyond the ruffled border and in the raised mid-rib.  This base color remains fairly consistent from dawn to dusk.  The patterns however, located in the watermark area, vary daily from flower to flower. See our two photos for these variation extremes.  The pattern variations are unpredictable and always a surprise.  A tall, widely branched scape holds these blossoms up and out above the attractive foliage for all to see.  A cool yellow-green throat adds just the right touch.  Courage To Change is a real garden gem as well as important breeding tool.  Quite fertile both ways yielding a myriad of patterned offspring.  A small amount of stock allows us to offer it only as part of our collection this season.  If interested write or E-mail us to be placed on a waiting list when stock becomes available again.  We might have extra plants this season and if so we will notify those expressing interest.  $175.00