CONSTANTINOPLE M. 34 in. S.Ev. Re. 6 in.                                                         
 25 buds, 3 to 4 branches plus terminal
 SDLG. S259-99: (Noble Lady x Ida's Magic)  X  Casco Bay Delight )

We are especially pleased to offer this special selection bred from one of my favorite varieties hybridized by the late Ron Valente.  His Casco Bay Delight has been one of the real gems of this garden since it was planted.  After viewing this unique red offspring from Ron's great purple on an established four year clump we were enamoured with its performance as well as its many attributes.  Lined out and judged on a one year planting afterward it proved to be rather ordinary during its initial bloom cycle.  Constantinople rebloomed later and was spectular again this past fall and bloomed well into late October.  A lovely, tall, cheerful light red with rose undertones and a very unique, blended edge of creamy pinkish rose that partially encircles the broad ruffled petals.  Please see our photo showing this edge.  Constantinople holds its color and finish exceptionally well in the heat looking fresh all day long. It does not take on  any brown tones as the day wains even along its slightly lighter watermark which occurs in so many of todays red colored varieties.  The complimentary yellow to green throat adds to its appeal.  Fertile both ways and we are using it to develop more consistant northern reblooming varieties.  A very robust and healthy plant that exhibits  attractive green  foliage until frosty weather turns its foliage golden before dying to the ground.  $100.00