FINE ROMANCE (Roy Woodhall)  M. L. 30 to 32 in. D. Re. 5 ½ - 6 in.                  
 25 plus buds, 4 branches plus terminal
 SDLG. W215-96: ((River Nile x 92-39:( Curt Hanson sdlg.; (Asian Emperor x Windsor Watermark) x British Sterling)) X Age Of Aguarius)

Having tried to breed for improved lavender colored daylilies for quite sometime, I know of the pitfalls and difficulties encountered in order to score an improvement.  In its time Age Of Aquarius set a new standard.  Then Roy picked up the baton and bred the important addition to this class Cry Me A River.  Now with Roys' Fine Romance on the scene it blows the rest away  in regards to color and its presentation and carrying power in the summer garden.  This very fine, easy to grow lavender, according  to the R.H.S. Colour Chart a light Magnolia Purple always looks better when established in a two year or older planting so typical of northern dormant varieties.  The color of Fine Romance is as clear a lavender as I've seen in a daylily.  Its throat is a complimentary creamy lemon-lime centered green.  A slightly deeper band of lavender is more noticeable on close inspection,  The superb scape often opens three well spaced, ruffled blossoms at once.  These crisp, matte finished, smooth blossoms bloom over a fairly long period.  A great  garden  plant that is an easy to use  seed parent though its pollen is difficult.  Holds its color and substance quite well in sun and heat. Even though it contains several southern bred plants it was selected out in our climate as a dormant and has survived seven winters growing here without mulch or other protection.      $125.00