GENTLEMAN'S LADY E.M.30 to 32 in. S. Ev. 6 in.                                      
 25 plus buds, 4 branches plus terminal cluster
 SDLG. S111-99: (King's Mistress X Ed Brown )
This sterling newcomer has proven to be our finest rose-pink development.  Even though it has only rebloomed here for one season we feel reasonably sure it will do so when grown in southern Ohio and southward.  The R.H.S. colour Chart  calls this shade of rose-pink
Rose Bengal.  Gentleman's Lady displays a very bright, clear color in the garden and it is in vogue with today's preferred look, edged in a bubbly, creamy yellow picotee that glistens in the sun.  Its edge is just bold enough to highlight the blossom color allowing the Bengal Rose color to carry better in the garden.  The tall, widely branched scapes hold these large blossoms up and away from the strong, sturdy stem which avoids crowding.  It has been a genuine joyto grow Gentleman's Lady in our fields the past five seasons.  It is an easy parent both ways yielding many seed per pod.  We have used it excessively in our breeding program in many ways, even back into one of our purple lines where it originated.  A hardy northern bred semi-evergreen daylily with class and refinement.  Limited supply.         $150.00