HAPPY DESTINY  M. 36 in. D. 6 in.                                                                        
 20 plus buds, 4 branches plus terminal
 SDLG. 96-264: (Noble Lord X Lord Chamberlain)

Harkening back to two of my most influential purple lines. The more purple hued one, culminating in Vatican City and the more red purple one represented by Francis Of Assisi.  We are very pleased to finally offer the seedling  which is the combination of these lines.  This unique offspring which I feel is a genetic break from these lines of breeding.  Happy
Destiny is another selection making a superlative clump in the garden.  You can judge from or images that Happy Destiny is a very unique eyed purple bitone unlike any other we have observed.  It manifests a special, quiet charm when viewed en mass and it carries this impression well across the garden.  Try planting it near a yellow……anything!  Holds color and substance well into the evening hours as it did during the long period of 90 degree temperatures during the summer of 2005.  A cool lemon-green throat and white picotee edge adds impetus.  Fertile both ways and has been used  a great deal for bitone, bicolor and pattern breeding. Develops into an excellent plant with fine dark green foliage.  It does require time to re-establish in order to perform at its maximum potential.   $100.00