HATHAWAY COTTAGE M. 33 to 36 in. D. Re. 5 - 5 ½  in.                                      
 25 plus buds, 4 to 5 branches and terminal
 SDLG. S104-99: (Cameo Glass X (Larry Grace sdlg. (Kathleen Salter x Regal Braid) x Tet
 Priscillas Rainbow sdlg.)

At this time, I would like to thank Larry Grace in public for letting me use pollen from one of his lovely blue-eyed seedlings  growing in the Malcom and Gerda Brooker garden a few years ago and for  sharing the pedigree with me.  Hathaway Cottage has become the premier selection derived directly from Larry's seedling.  Other second generation seedlings are waiting in the wings.  Clear clean color and sharp lines characterize this beautifully formed and stylishly ruffled flat, and round blossom.  The medium-large waxen finished flowers are clear creamy pink highlighted by a bold, almost painted-on, irregularly edged eyezone the color of crushed raspberries, which is noted in the R.H.S. Chart as Garnet Lake in the red group.  The center of this blossom consists of a bright green throat changing to creamy yellow where it meets the eyezone.  A picotee edge of the eyezone color borders the ruffled petals but not the ruffled sepals.  This same picotee changes to a cream picotee where it borders the inside edge of the dark eyezone.  This stunner is tall and widely branched and holds these fancy blossoms away from the central scape.  The heavy blossoms always look fresh and crisp no matter what the time of day.  Hathaway Cottage is very fertile either way.  It is always a joy to me to bring new blood into our dormant eye and pattern lines.  And it's a special thrill to incorporate this particular bloodline.  $150.00