LORDS A LEAPING (Roy Woodhall)  M. 30 in. S. Ev. Re. 5 - 51/2 in.                     
 20 plus buds, 3 branches plus terminal
 SDLG. :( R493-97:( Chinese New Year x Betty Warren Woods) X Sweet Summer Sunshine)
Roy keeps professing to have no interest in breeding orange colored daylilies yet he continually keeps finding exciting ones in the seedling fields.  This does not compute, Roy!  Albeit, this selection is not really orange in color but it is pretty close!  All joking aside, this new frilly edged selection is a very pleasing and unique smooth caramel to copper-brown colored blend reminiscent of the copper-brown colors found in tall-bearded iris.  This shade is rich and glowing, especially in the evening sunlight.  Lords A Leaping  is another tall, branched variety with medium-sized, full blossoms and appears as a self color except for its bubbly laced and serrated golden tan edge.  A cooling greenish yellow throat brings this ensemble together in fine fettle.  Another new selection that grows into  an impressive clump in the landscape.  Grown and tested for a number of years and performs like a trooper during good and bad seasons.  Quite fertile either wayy.  Its foliage is always healthy and a compact fresh green. Attaboy Roy!!!    $100.00