MERCHANT MARINE  M.L.  28 to 30 in. D. 5 in.                                                      
 20 plus buds, 3 branches plus terminal
 SDLG. 96-206B : (Dashing Prince X King Of Prussia)

Merchant Marine is a very striking 5 inch eyed variety whose main significance lies in the near violet purple color of its spectacular eyezone. The combination of my line of dormant eyed breeding crossed with Jim Biaglow's King Of Prussia, bred in Strongsville, Ohio from two of Bill Munsons best eyed varieties.  Thanks Jim Biaglow for making your cross and selecting out a hardy offspring from those evergreen parents.  Yes, magic occurred  when my cross was made to produce this seedling.  Merchant Marine  was selected from our crop of seedlings growing outdoors in the elements.  Any tender varieties, whether they be evergreen or dormant, perished leaving only the cold hardy ones.  That's how it works my friends!  This round, beautifully ruffled cream, touched pale flesh in the morning, pales slightly by evening during a sunny day.  Centering this comely blossom is a blended violet eyezone that covers the center of the blossom down to its lemon bordered olive-green throat.  The striking eyezone which is actually a blending of violet-purple, slate gray and lavender-violet are applied in layers in horizontal bands of colors  and shades.  Merchant Marine is  unique and unlike others  we have observed elsewhere.  It has proven to be a very special parent, already yielding Vertical Horizon and others being tested.  Fertile both ways making large pods filled with seed.  It seems to produce a high percentage  of offspring that are not only larger than itself but better branched as well.  $150.00