QUEENSBURY RULES  E.M. 34 in. S.Ev. 6 in.                                                      
 20 plus buds, 3- 4 branches plus terminal
 SDLG. S291-96: (Sailor's Dance X Imperial Wizard)

Imperial Purple (33/1) is the nearest color match found in the R.H.S. Colour Chart and this grand cultivar is proving to be one of our most useful parents for giving near blue-violet watermarks and eyezones to its offspring.  We have noted this occurrence whether Queensbury Rules is crossed to traditional purple lines pink lines or lavender lines of breeding. An amazing, large slate gray to mauve-violet eyezone dominates this wonderfully formed, flat blossom with the heaviest color appearing during  the hours before noon.  The Imperial Purple base color of this blossom is over-washed by a  compelling shade of grayed violet which pales in intensity toward dusk then picks up these shades again.  A complimentary, strong green yellow throat centers these special blossoms.  A pale smokey violet-lavender piocotee edges its broad segments.  The color of Queensbury Rules has evolved into a new plateau of clarity within the light purple class and it passes this clarity of color onto many of its offspring.  Easily fertile both ways.  An excellent grower that has good dark green foliage, increasing well even when loaded with seed pods as it has been these past six years.