ROGER DELONGCHAMP  M. 30 in. D. 6 in.                                                                
 20 plus buds, 3 branches plus terminal
 SDLG. S136-96:( Truly Awesome X Ferengi Gold)

Our good friend, daylily collector and lover of all plants especially magnolias, rhododendrons, etc., Roger DeLongchamp has a particular fondness for yellow colored hemerocallis in all sizes and shapes.  He was especially delighted to have this cultivar named in his honor especially after it proved to thrive and bloom well in his Zone 4 garden located near the base of Mount Washington in New Hampshire.  I have always considered yellow a very important color in the daylily garden for it emphasizes, highlights and compliments all other daylily colors we grow.  This large, heavily ruffled and fluted masterpiece posesses all the positive characteristics we cherish in a daylily cultivar plus the all important trait of distinction.  It has passed the  propagating/testing period we require a possible introduction to go through with an A plus rating.  Like most hard dormant varieties it performs better once established during the second or third year after dividing and moving.  This lovely, smooth, creamy lemon, touched lime in the morning hours, required a few extra seasons of propagating to build-up sufficient stock to offer since it is not fast to increase.  A three year clump is quite impressive in our garden and displays its  fine qualities to the maximum.  The daylily named Roger DeLongchamp is fertile both ways and is fragrant as well.  It makes large healthy plants displaying excellent blue-green foliage.  Already proving to be a good parent. $125.00