TEDDY BEARS PICNIC  M. 36 to 40 in. S.Ev. 6 in.                                                
 20 buds plus, 4 branches plus terminal
 SDLG. S998-01A: (Widow's Walk X Tet Tralytha)

Teddy Bears Picnic represents a color found in daylilies that had limited popularity in the past but with a new twist!  We discovered that most all of our garden visitors have loved this new and improved version during the 2005  summer season.  The base color of this large, quietly gaudy blossom is a light chocolate with a matte finish.  Superimposed  over the chocolate color is a velvety red-purple twin wedge-shaped eyezone located above the great lemon-green throat.  This flamboyant newcomer is displayed very well on tall, branched scapes well above the healthy green foliage making a startling clump in the landscape.  The eyezone coloration is also repeated on the nicely recurved sepals.  All segments are highlighted by a creamy picotee and the dark red-purple color of the eyezone extents from it to form a dark picotee edge alongside the cream one half-way out onto the petals.  The color combination found in Teddy Bears Picnic holds remarkably well in heat even through our extended period of 90+ degree temperatures experienced.  It certainly livens-up any area of the garden rather quickly.  Fertile both ways and is being used with other eye and pattern lines in both trditional, U.F.O. and spider formats.  Unlike any other we've seen!! $150.00