VERTICAL HORIZON E.M. 36 to 40 in. D. Re. 6-61/2.                                           
 25 buds plus buds, 4 to 5 S-curved branched and terminal
 SDLG. S126-97A: (Merchant Marine X  S381-96:( Moonlit Masquerade x Mason's Mark)

We have been thoroughlly enchanted with this uniquely patterned eyed selection ever since its maiden bloom nearly seven seasons ago and have become very excited with its breeding potential as well.  It has already proven to be the breakthrough breeding variety I envisioned it might become and more!  We are still amazed with its progeny and have continued to use it in exploratory crosses this past season.  Vertical Horizon has shown to reveal more positive qualities with each succeeding season it has been grown here.  The distinctive, large, pleasantly recurved blossoms have a base color of light Phlox Purple, according to the R.H.S. and H.C.C. colour charts.  Covering well over one third of these   rather flat blossoms is a large and complex pattern area repeated boldly on all six segments.  The complex pattern is centered with a smooth lemon to lime green throat. Above the throat, beginning almost in the throat, are deep purple lines which become textured veins through the inner eyezone shaded violet out over the outer portion of the eyezone which is a reddish purple shade of color and finally out onto the petals.  The sepals are marked similarly but the violet-gray markings applied over the throat area are applied in bands in a vertical fashion horizontally and becomes a part of this visual ensemble!   Please study our catalog image for a visual explanation.. It is nearly impossible for me to explain in words what intricacies occur in nature.  These geometrically formed lines and markings making up this complex eyezone do vary in intensity and coloring during certain weather conditions but the effect is always exciting!  It seems that water and temperature fluctuations are the causes.  Vertical Horizon is held on widely branched picture-book scapes well above the attractive blue-green foliage.  Extremely fertile either way and is a total joy to use in breeding even with difficult to use induced varieties.  Already the pod parent of our blue eyed selection called Piece Of Sky.  The name of this northern cold hardy dormant was initially suggested by our good friend Eric Moore who has helped us in the garden for several years and is now serving in the Army and stationed in Iraq.  Vertical Horizon was the name of a local Rock group he admired.  My interpretation of this fine name refers to the way the eyezone colors are applied to this variety's large and complex eyezone. Our stock is limited.   $200.00