FLYING TRAPEZE M. 36 in. D. Re. 6 ½ to 7 in.

30 buds, 3 to 4 way branching plus terminal
Sdlg. S218-96: ((South Seas x Castledown, sib. To Bombay Silk and Prince Of Thieves) X One Last Dance: (My Darling Clementine x Castledown))
Flying Trapeze is the variety that made me a firm advocate of the UFO and spider class. In 1955, when I first saw daylilies, most existing cultivars were of the narrow, wispy types many of which required staking in the garden. I’ll be the first one to admit to fighting against joining these forces. No longer commonplace at the tetraploid level, we consider Flying Trapeze the most dynamic and fascinating cultivar that we have seen in this UFO genre. Aside from its flamboyant color combination of oranges and corals contrasting against its rose and violet undertones, the constantly changing forms associated with this variety enamor us. While viewing Flying Trapeze in clump strength the blossoms create a feeling of motion or movement. Uncanny! The nearest colors we found were Nasturtium Orange, RHS 25A, with hints of coral and rose violet highlighting the midribs especially. Mother Nature, more often than a breeder cares to admit, unlocks breeding results we never dreamed of occurring and this was definitely the case for Flying Trapeze! Like those daredevils on the tightrope and aerial swings the blossoms appear to be constantly moving. It holds color and form in sun and heat looking especially fine in the evening garden. Its large green to lime and yellow throat cools the fiery orange blends of the blossom color and makes for harmony. The plant and scape balance is perfect in my book and makes a smashing show in the garden all day long. The tall scapes are widely branched and strong requiring no staking. Very fertile both ways and its offspring are opening up a new era of these “blossom in motion” types in the UFO and spider classes. Stock very limited. If purchased separately it will be shipped for fall delivery only. We estimate that time would be around September 1st to the 15th or the following spring if you can’t plant that late in your climate.   $250.00