STARBASE ALPHA ML. 30 in. S.Ev. Re. 5 ½ to 6 in.

2 to 3 branches plus terminal averaging 15 buds
Sdlg. S861-97: (Dragon King X Francis Of Assisi)
Perhaps the most striking blossom of any daylily seedling we have ever bloomed. When it was first discovered back in the seedling patch it was one of those “thrills of a lifetime” experiences. I have never seen anything else like this sculptural, heavy leather or plastic-like daylily. Most unusual but not impossible from crossing two reds. This magnificent amber yellow, overlaid deep green, blossom of ultra refined form and extreme three-dimensional finish was certainly unique and very desirable. Upon further testing we discovered it took three or more days for the blossom to expand to an open state. In other words, instead of opening from a closed bud this type of daylily expands to an open condition from an opened bud. More and more of the new and recent, especially greenhouse bred and selected varieties, operate in this fashion. So if you grow outdoors during this opening procedure all parts of the blossom are opened to the elements and susceptible. If one grows in a greenhouse or some other sheltered structure the blossoms look glorious all the time. The form and substance of Starbase Alpha is so heavy and plastic-like that it does not look real. Its scape is well below the standard that we have set as a marker however; with so many admiring this variety we decided to offer it never-the less. To be honest, we have not used this in breeding very much because of its opening abnormalities and low budded scape. An established clump in full bloom is quite striking although short-lived and a blossom viewed close up is dazzling. Could prove useful for those cross pollinating in a greenhouse or sheltered place. Most unique and exciting to see especially since it was derived from two rather long red and purple lines of breeding $ 100.00