E93-01:  (Badge Of Honor X ((Old King Cole x (Elizabeth Salter x Camel Caravan)) x (Pacific Paradise x Vanilla Candy))
4 way branching    20 to 25 buds    36 inch height    M    Rebloom    6 inch flower    D

Chestnut Ridge has been foremost in Eric's hybridizing toward brown colorations.
 He has also used it in his attempt to carry Chestnut Ridge's
plant habit into other colors.  Eric feels that the name is appropriate because the best color that he can use to
describe the color is chestnut red-brown.
The contrasting watermark is shades of gold.  On very warm nights the following
 days blooms are often pleated in the throat.Eric is making superb progress in breaking out of the ordinary
as evidenced by the unconventional lineage of Chestnut Ridge.  Way to go Eric!
   $ 100.00 S.F.