MOGUL EMPIRE E. M. 30 in. S.Ev. 5 ½ to 6 in.

25 buds, 3 branches plus terminal cluster
Sdlg. 94-314: (Harrods X Robespierre), also sib. To Tarus Bulba
After accidentally loosing a good part of our original stock we finally have a supply of this rich, deep cardinal red blend except for the small cool yellow to green throat. Thanks to our good friend, Bill Chambers, who returned guest plants following the AHS National Convention in Boston. Most of you who have seen this know it by my preferred named, Count Dracula, which was not available. The new name is Mogul Empire and this variety represents the finest example we have been able to develop from the traditional red lines used by many breeders for years. Except for being a little dated in form, this dark, ominous, glowing deep cardinal red has an excellent saturated color, very nice undulating ruffles and holds its color very well in most summer conditions. Mogul Empire still looks rich and sultry in the evening garden. The foliage on this marvelous plant is a good blue-green color and the scape is excellent, holding numerous, well spaced blossoms up and above the foliage making for good garden presence. When crossed into some of the “new reds” derived from purple breeding real magic has occurred in terms of color intensity and clarity in our recent seedling fields. Quite fertile either way. Stock is still limited since increase is not fast. A healthy, easy growing variety having bloodlines different from most available today $ Sold Out