FE, FIE, FOE, FUM (Woodhall) M. 40 to 42 in. D. 7 to 7 ½ in.

25 to 30 buds, 4 to 5 way branching plus terminal.
Sdlg. R009-98: [(Shaka Zulu x Salem Witch) X (Tet Exotic Echo x Penny Serenade)]
This exciting, tall giant has proven to be an absolutely grand garden plant. Fe, Fie, Foe, Fum is especially noted for heavily and widely branched scapes covered with well-spaced blossoms over a long period during peak bloom. We have not tested this variety farther south to determine how rebloom occurs but with this pedigree it should rescape and thrive in the south. No staking required for this tall, overpowering variety! This large purple UFO of satin finish is very rich in color and holds quite well all day, looking great in the evening garden even without shade. The Royal Horticultural Colour Chart list its color as 59 A and B, between Ruby Red and Indian Lake in the red-purple group. In daylily vernacular it is a dark but rich red-purple with a cool yellow-green throat. The form charmingly varies from star shaped to partially recurved and does this with consistency from blossom to blossom. It has been a crowd pleaser and conversation piece with visitors. Fe, Fie, Foe, Fum has become better and more exciting during the five years that we have tested it here in Avon. Fertile both ways and we have grown many seedlings from it. It sets seed easily with some pollens that we have used. You might ask Roy for hints regarding this quirk. We have a very limited supply. Along with Flying Trapeze, two of the most exciting and in vogue, original daylilies to grace our garden in some time. A head above the rest!  $ 200.00