Greenhouse Image taken next to 6" daylilies

24 Mid. Re. Ev. fr. 7.5 . 4-way 20-24 buds.
When KING SOLOMON'S TREASURE first bloomed as a seven month seedling I immediately recognized that this daylily was going to be important. The first blooms were 8" and as flat as a plate. Petal width is as large as 5" wide. The color is a light ivory cream.
Since this daylily was from an evergreen cross and I didn't want to chance loosing it through the first winter,
I sent K.S.T. to Larry Grace to grow and evaluate for me. Larry was very pleased with what he saw and used this daylily to produce several outstanding kids. His K.S.T. kids have large flowers on tall scapes. I too have used K.S.T. pollen and have bloomed very nice kids from it.
I haven't evaluated this daylily as a Northern daylily although the kids have proven hardy in z 5.
Since KST has been Southern raised I recommend it for Z. 7 and above as a garden and hybridizer's daylily.
Below zone 7 , I recommend K.S.T. as a hybridizer daylily. Thanks to Larry Grace and his assistance!
Pod and Pollen fertile   $250.00


Larry Grace seedling out of KST 08-415

I Love this daylily. Clear and clean color