LADY DAY  (Moldovan)

S123-00:  (Ed Brown X Chinese Scribe)  
4 way branching    20 to 25 buds    28 to 32inch height    EM    6inch flower    D to SEv  

Steve selected Lady Day for what he considered to be its fabulous clarity of color.  Named for one of his favorite singers,
Billie Holiday, this daylily is proving to be a stellar parent with far more of its children and grand children being selected than
I care to think about come line-out time.  Best described as a very pale bluish lavender
Lady Day gives off a presentation that I would call simple elegance.
  It has lacy ruffling which only adds to its presentation.  
Lady Day is a bitone and the sepals are a pale cream white.  
A yellow to green throat highlights Lady Day.   
Plant habit more than meets the criteria that Steve was so well known.  
Very fertile both ways.
  $ 150.00 s.f.