Mike Holmes, 2007( seedling by seeding)01-97,
tet. SemiEv., mid,  34", 6",27 budcount, 3 way branching plus lateral
Cincinnati is a host to TALLSTACKS, a riverboat festival.
LAVENDER TALLSTACKS is named to commemorate this event.  
If you like lavender, you'll love this daylily in your garden!
Lavender in color, with a lighter lavender washed eye, gold picoteed edge, and a green throat.
Each bloom opens high and cleanly above the foliage.
And as an added bonus LAVENDER TALLSTACKS holds in the sun and which makes for pleasing evening
color as well. We've used this daylily as a "hybridizers daylily" also.
The kids from it are tall and nicely proportioned in scape and bud placement.
Fertile both ways.
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