S427-02:  (Art Gallery Quilling X Royal Celebration)
4 way branching    16 buds    48 inch height    5:1 ratio    EM   8+ inch flower    SEv  

In spite of the fact that Steve had only recently started breeding for spiders and UFOs his
success in this arena never ceases to amaze me.
 I can only deduce that some hybridizers learn their trade and a very few seem to have been born with the
amazing talent to know where to take various flowers to accomplish a goal.  This became very apparent when some of us
viewed the accomplishments in spider andUFO breeding that Steve had achieved in such a short time.
Lullaby Of Birdland is stunning in clump form giving the impression of a
flock of birds in flight.  I am reluctant to admit that I have not always been a fan of these forms.  
Lullaby Of Birdland changed all of that I have found myself being drawn to this form in my current program.  
Lullaby Of Birdland is a very deep grape purple with a yellow to green throat emanating well out onto the petals and sepals.  
This presentation continues to excite with the incorporation of a narrow pinkish purple midrib.  
The scapes are sturdy, well branched and stand up to the impressive winds that we get up here by the lake.  
As is the case with most of Steve's cultivars the plant habit is exceptional and proportionate.  
Truly an exciting daylily from equally exciting parents.  
My thanks to Mr. Trimmer and Mr. Lambertson for creating the beauties that made Lullaby Of Birdland possible.  
Pod fertility moderate but very pollen fertile.
 $ 125.00   S.F.