Hello Friends… 

What an exciting year it has been! Included in the excitement were Garden Tours, Exhibitions Shows, New Seedlings, and best of all, seeing Friends and talking Daylilies.
Thanks everyone for making this summer so special!
My 2017 Spring Collection is priced at $475.00.

As many of you know I am difficult to reach due to my job working at Children's Hospital.
It is with pleasure that I'd like to announce that Ed Kraus will serve as my communication/shipping manager. Ed and I share a garden at his place of residence and will be on tour for the Northern Mecca.
Since Ed is retired, having Ed help me out will alleviate communication issues.

All introductions were field grown in a tough environment and selected in full sun
without any fertilizing, irrigation, or watering. I have been continuing my work with blue eyes with patterns. They have beautiful scapes and plant habit. They are unique!

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