Sandy Holmes  Sdlg B1495. (Brooker Cream Seedling X Webster Peach Seedling # 5912) X (Webster's Golden Wonder X SeeMe FeelMe TouchMe),
 Cascade, Semi Evergreen Tetraploid  Mid.  10,  14 buds,  35H, 3 Way Branching

ROWENA YAEGER maiden bloom was an 11 inch near white well branched seedling which was immediately selected.  I have never been able to capture the true color of the flower in a picture, so it's being introduced as cream.  
If you are breeding for large pale unusual forms this will be a good addition to your garden because the flower is both pod and pollen fertile.  If you just like a large pale cream eye catching flower for you garden, ROWENA YAEGER is the flower for you.  This large light flower makes a stunning clump.Rowena Yaeger is a very special lady who, along with her husband Loyd, were like a part of our family when I was very young.  I am lucky enough to have Rowena back in my life now that I am an adult.
 When she visited the farm this summer, Ro picked this as her favorite of all the flowers.  
Fertile both ways.

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