Gerda Brooker 2010
(7-2A) Michael Bennett X T.Lavender Blue Baby, Sev., Ml., 6", 3-way, 20 buds+

Although Michael Bennett is the name of the pod parent and that cultivar “rocks” in many ways, I thought of  Michael Holmes.
A mentor, supporter and friend who was many times my inspiration to produce greater daylilies. So “V.G.Michael Rocks” describes my friend very well.
 The daylily, an awesome performer, blooms forever, reblooms until late September when I don't want to see another bloom.Well, you get the story.
This cultivar shows off the eyezone on it's sepals, a green throat underlines the deep burgundy band,
and the ruffled edge displays the same burgundy color along with a green piccotee.
Very fertile both ways. $ 75.00