Sandy Holmes  Sdlg 3-276. ((Scottish Fantasy X Francis of Assisi) X Webster's Pink Wonder)  X  Bali Watercolor
Cascade/Crispate, Semi-Evergreen Tetraploid  Mid,  9.5",  22 buds,  33" H.    4 Way Branching.

WALTZING FLAMINGOS was my first success conversion of Steve Moldovan's Francis of Assisi to an unusual form.  I had a great time teasing Steve about how I had “ruined” his flower.  The large green throat extends from the throat into the petal and sepals ending in a rosy color.  The form of this flower only gets better with heat and is passed on to its kids.  Something about WALTZING FLAMINGOS has always reminded me of an afternoon that I spent watching a flock of flamingos feeding in a lagoon in the Galapagos Islands.  The graceful cascading, slightly quilled sepals, which curl like ribbons, seem to move in the graceful way the flamingos waltzed through the lagoon .
Easy pollen and very difficult pod fertility.
$100.00 D.F