Sandy Holmes Sdlg B34 (((Moldovan Old King Cole Seeding X Odds & Ends) X ((Old King Cole X Countess Dubarry) X Odds & Ends)) X Bali Watercolor) X Tet. Skinwalker
Cascade Semi-Evergreen Tetraploid,  Mid Late, 10,  22 buds, 40 H,  4-Way Branching.

 Wanda Evans, the flower's namesake, is an avid daylily enthusiast which is very active with daylilies in the Dayton, KY area.  For a number of years, Wanda has hybridized diploid unusual forms trying to produce the perfect pink flower.  I've been trying to convert her to tetraploid UFo's and almost made it with this flower.  Wanda has always been one of those behind the scenes people who get things done and volunteers her time to help others.  I am proud to name this beautiful UFo as her namesake. I am sure that those of you who grow this daylily will treasure it for many years to come.
Here is the history behind WANDA EVANS. In 2005, I bloomed several hundred Tet. Skinwalker seedlings.  WANDA EVANS was the most vigorous of all these seedlings, with three fans and two blooming scapes after one year in the field.  The following year WANDA EVANS was a blooming clump.  Because the flower blooms Mid Late  WANDA EVANS is just beginning to put on a show as other flowers are winding down.   The flower increase so fast that it will make a nice clump quickly.  WANDA EVANS is a clear lavender- pink with Skinwalker's incredible green throat and an 11 inch wingspan.   In 2009, the first seedling from WANDA EVANS bloomed.  The seedlings ranged from peach to purple and included an eleven inch cream with little teeth.  

 Pod Fertile and Very Pollen Fertile
S.F. $150.00